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Dr. Phillips Elementary School - One of Florida's Top 20% Schools in Test Scores

Posted by Savannah Aleksic on Friday, December 28th, 2018 at 10:00am.

Surrounded by multiple family-friendly neighborhoods, Dr. Phillips Elementary is a Five Star School and has a Golden School Award. A short 4 minute drive from the school and surrounding neighborhoods is the highly-acclaimed Dr. Phillips YMCA Family Center. This YMCA is extremely family-friendly with a Child Development Center. At Child Development, children play under the supervision of caring, trained Y staff. They provide a safe, fun environment for your child while parents are able to relax, connect with other Y members and enjoy healthy activities at the Y.

The school follows the motto “SOARing to Success, The Flying Eagle Way!”  Every student in the school is encouraged to practice Safety, to take Ownership of their choices, to Achieve academically and behaviorally and to show Respect at all times. Dr. Phillips works with parents and the community in order to provide students with the best academic opportunities and support. This is truly shown in the average exam scores of the students. Students at this school over-excel with test scores in English, Math, and Science at least 20% higher than the state average. Students with disabilities are also scoring above the state average in tests, which shows how hard the school works to give all students the best education and attention for improvement.

At Dr. Phillips Elementary your child is taught the fundamentals of English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Health and Wellness, and Visual/Performing Arts. The school's curriculum is aligned with the Florida Standards adopted in 2014. The OCPS English Language Arts (ELA) program provides your student with an outline for what they should know and be able to do. ELA focuses on foundational skills, informational and literary text, writing, speaking, listening, and language. The teachers at Dr. Phillips Elementary believes that every child has the ability to learn and succeed in mathematics. The math curriculum is difficult and rigorous but the staff makes sure all students understand the work in order to build the best foundation for your child's future education. The Science curriculum is designed so that each student will be able to learn the skills and strategies of proficient problem-solvers and scientifically literate students. Concepts, principles, facts, laws, and theories are the basics taught in the science courses. In Social Studies class students will learn about the past and the impact it's had on the present, change and continuity in our lives, recognize the characteristics that have made up important characters in history, research information and effectively communicate these findings, as well as other essential skills. 

Schools play a vital role in the wellness of their students by teaching them about practicing healthy behaviors. Good student health results in student attendance, improves school climate, enhances student performance, and decreases childhood obesity. In recent years, schools have started to prioritize physical health and nutritional education. The school has increased opportunities for students to engage in physical activities, selling healthier foods at fundraisers, reduce the amount of junk foods given out as rewards in class, and even started employee fitness programs for members of the staff. Health and wellness information is also added to the school's website and newsletters. 

Students are taught how to creatively express themselves and learn to respect others' creative expressions. OCPS Arts students are provided with quality sequential, standards-based instruction on Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts in a form fit for the 21st Century and what's expected for future careers. The Arts are an important part of a kid's development process because they learn how to creatively express their emotions and grow. 

For parents, there are many different ways you can participate in your child's education. The PTA works to every child's potential a reality through PTA-run events. Through these events parents and teachers work together to secure all children with the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. The School Advistory Council (SAC) is a collection of teachers, administration, and parents who work together to provide funding, resources, time, and energy to make sure the school is able to reach the goals outlined in the school improvement plan. 

Dr. Phillips, Florida is home to many wonderful schools that care about their students and where they end up after school. When your kid graduates from Dr. Phillips Elementary School, Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School will be waiting for them right next door with open arms. Orange County has one of the best school systems in Florida, and Dr. Phillips schools are ranked among the top of Orange County as far as test scores go, as well as overall satisfaction from parents and students alike. If you plan on moving to Dr. Phillips and you're currently looking at homes for sale in the Orlando area, our team of specialists will be able to help you find the best house to suit your entire family's needs. 

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