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Gotha Middle School - Why This School Will Lead Your Child To A Successful Future

Posted by Savannah Aleksic on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 at 4:16pm.

Gotha Middle School
is located in Gotha, Florida between the cities of Ocoee and Windermere. The school is the primary Middle School for both Gotha and Windermere. The other designated schools for the city of Gotha are Thornebrook Elementary and Olympia High School. A proud "A" school for 10 years, Gotha Middle School offers programs for gifted students. Gotha Middle School students has the Orange County school district average in test scores. Test scores are above the state average in main subjects. In the last three years, the school has received the Red Ribbon, Five Star, and Golden School awards.

Gotha is one of the most diverse public Middle Schools in Florida. With a large minority student body, Gotha Middle School is a diverse school with a wide array of students from different backgrounds. This makes Gotha an accepting environment with open arms for all different types of students. The median home value in the area is $386,400 and most importantly, the city of Gotha is very safe and wonderful for families. Gotha has a community park, Palm Cottage Gardens - with Nehrling Gardens, an education center/aboretum/botanical garden - and the Zion Lutheran Church. Historical preservation and environmental conservation is an important part of Gotha. Becoming part of a community like this will leave a positive influence on your children and your family. 

Gotha Middle School's Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - a program designed for students that are special learners - has over 14 different programs and related services available for students eligible from preschool to 12th grade. In each program, the primary focus is to provide the student with the most appropriate educational service for them through a nationally recognized curricula and behavioral approaches.

The learning curriculum in Gotha Middle School consists of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and provides your child with the chance to advance in the Arts & other Electives. In order to prepare your child for the future, the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) includes a vision for writing as an integral part of learning, as well as teaches students how beneficial writing can be for real-world situations. The Mathematics Curriculum of Orange County Public Schools provides a comprehensive and coherent set of goals for mathematics for all students. It is based upon the Florida Standards Assessment/Florida Mathematics Content Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards. The school has put together a Calculus Project, which is a cohort of students that begin Algebra I in 7th grade and work together throughout middle and high school to work toward taking Calculus in high school. Students are invited to the program and have to come to a summer enrichment program each summer from 6th grade through the rest of their time in Middle School.

Gotha Middle School's Science Department provides students with hands-on experiences so that they are able to attain the content knowledge for the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Their journey begins in sixth grade learning about life science. In seventh grade students study earth/space science. In eight grade they complete their trek by studying the physical sciences. PLTW is their science elective for students that are interested in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) career. They offer 6 classes, each half a year long. Students can apply to the STEM program in each grade level and they accept about 50 students per grade level. Students take class, have guest speakers, go on STEM-related field trips and complete hands on learning activities. It's a great learning experience for your kid and it'll help prepare them for their future in a STEM career. Social Studies courses are designed to teach the student the importance of the past and its influence on the present, appreciate the challenge and opportunities created by an independent community, recognize the character traits of people who have made an impact in history, as well as being able to use research information in a variety of ways in order to communicate effectively. 

Arts & Electives are an important part of learning and connecting with other students. The Arts & Electives offered are Agriculture, Art, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Drama, Computers, Guitar, Keyboarding, EDGE, and Spanish. Agriculture will teach students the basis of Agricultural Sciences and will work hands on, as well as participating as part of the FFA program at Gotha and will compete throughout the state. Students learn the principles of design and apply those principles to different art projects in the Art class. Band students learn how to play an instrument and perform multiple times a year, including the annual MPA where they're judged. Chorus learn how to sing and perform and like the Band, Chorus performs multiple times a year as well as at the annual MPA where they're judged. In Orchestra, students are taught how to play an instrument and perform multiple times a year, including the annual MPA where they're judged. In Drama, students are taught how to act and perform. The school puts on musicals every spring that the Drama department participates in. Computers offers students the basic knowledge they need all the way through high school that can earn them student certifications for different programs in the industry. In Guitar, like Orchestra and Band, students are taught how to play the guitar and play multiple times a year, including the annual MPA where they will be judged. Keyboarding is a self-paced class which means teachers work with students individually and students play for the teacher who teaches them how to hone their skills. EDGE is a program that's designed to help students see their potential and grow so that they're college ready by the end of 8th grade. Spanish 1, 2, and 3 are options for electives for your child to take so that by the time they go to high school they'll have their language credits completed and can apply for an AP Spanish course. 

Not only does Gotha Middle School have amazing academic and elective courses, but their athletics and extracurricular activities are great as well. Basketball, Soccer, Track, and Volleyball are offered for both girls and boys. Sports participation will teach your child how to work in a team as well as the importance of hard work and physical exercise. School clubs to join based on interests to find like-minded friends include Art Club, Book Club, Chess Club, Drama, TV Production, and Yearbook. By becoming a part of a school club or sport, your child will be able to develop close friendships with peers and learn the importance of relationships and interactions. 

The Gotha Middle School Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a student if they have at least a 3.0 GPA. They're evaluated based on leadership, character, and citizenship. In order to remain as a part of the Honor Society, the student must attend all scheduled meetings, must maintain the same high standards that allowed them a spot in the society, and good attendance. The Honor Society will give your child a chance to practice their good behavior and keep up their GPA.

There is a wide range of homes to choose from in the Gotha and Windermere areas. Many also back up to lakes with their own dock so family fun is located right outside of your back door. Gotha Middle School is just one of the few great schools located in Windermere. Click here to read about Windermere Elementary and stay tuned to read about Olympia High School - Windermere's main high school.

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