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Southwest Middle School - The Dr Phillips School With Some Of The Highest Test Scores In Central Florida

Posted by Shelley Aleksic on Friday, October 19th, 2018 at 2:15pm.

Nestled in the city of Dr. Phillips, Florida is Southwest Middle School. Dr. Phillips Charities owns land that four of Dr. Phillips' schools are built on - Southwest Middle School being one of them, opened in August of 1991 due to overcrowding in the other two schools nearby. The school colors are teal and white and the school mascot is a sea lion. A short 4 minute drive from Southwest Middle is Dr. Phillips Elementary and Dr. Phillips High School is 6 minutes. For families that have multiple kids, or just want to have an Elementary, Middle, and High school close to the house for when they grow older, this is the perfect place for you to settle down. Universal Studios is located a short 10 minutes from Southwest Middle School. If you're looking for homes for sale in Dr. Phillips, the proximity to many schools is a very attractive feature. 

Academic courses and achievement in students is very important to Southwest Middle School. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and many other courses are available. Fine Arts classes include Art, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Theatre. Sports offered are Basketball, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, and typical PE classes. Spanish and French are the two world languages offered to students interested in academic excellence. Extracurricular activities at Southwest Middle School also includes a diverse range of clubs your child can become a part of including Arts and Crafts, Chess, Coding, Cooking, Drama, Math, Sports, and STEM.

Southwest Middle School is home to STEM and AVID programs. AVID is an academic elective designed for college-bound students. AVID students enroll in rigorous coursework, learn organizational and study habits while developing and deepening critical thinking skills. This is a course solely for students that plan on getting a four-year college education. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classes are available for all grade levels if students are interested in studying technology, science, medical science, aerospace technology, etc. 

The school is recognized as a 5-Star School and a Golden School by the Florida Department of Education, Concert Band and Symphonic band both received Straight Superiors at District MPA’s, Four different Choirs all received Straight Superiors at District MPA’s. Southwest Middle has also been an “A” Rated School for 12 straight years. In addition, in 2011, the school had the Best Math Improvement, 5th Best Science Improvement, and 5th Highest Point Total on the FLDOE state grading system among all 34 Orange County Middle Schools. 

Not only does the school have wonderful academic programs to help students succeed, but the school also put together an online site solely for students called the Sea Lion Cove - an online community for Southwest Middle School students. The Sea Lion Cove is a safe environment with monthly students of merit campaigns. Students can take part by spreading acts of kindness, positive attitude, cooperation, respect, integrity, and responsibility. Each of these qualities are assigned a month of the year and whichever students display the best behavior according to these acts are labelled "Students of Merit" for the month. It's a wonderful program designed to teach students the importance of good behavior and attitude.

In addition to the Sea Lion Cove, there is also a blog created by students for students called Stress at SWMS - the entire premise of this blog is to offer tips for students that will help them stress less, how to deal with stress, and even those that deal with social anxiety. Online communities that spread positivity from students to fellow students is very important. School can be a difficult task for kids at this age so seeing students take initiative to help other students through online communication shows just how wonderful Southwest Middle School is doing as far as teaching students about not only academics but social constructs and positive thinking. 

Dr. Phillips, Florida is home to many wonderful schools that care about their students and where they end up after school. When your kid graduates from Southwest Middle School, Dr. Phillips High School will be waiting for them right next door with open arms. Orange County has one of the best school systems in Florida, and Dr. Phillips schools are ranked among the top of Orange County as far as test scores go, as well as overall satisfaction from parents and students alike. If you plan on moving to Dr. Phillips and you're currently looking at homes for sale in the Orlando area, our team of specialists will be able to help you find the absolute best house for you and your family.

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