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Winter Garden Farmer's Market - Visit One of the Best Farmer's Markets in the Country! | PART 1

Posted by Savannah Aleksic on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 10:17am.

Imagine waking up every Saturday morning and taking a stroll or quick drive to a market filled with a plethora of natural, local products from local businesses. To make the scenery even more beautiful, it's located in a small town environment with locally run boutiques and coffee shops. Sounds like a dream, right? In the town of Winter Garden, Florida, this dream is a reality! With a variety of different vendors - all run by local businesses of Orange County - you can easily spend hours wandering around and purchasing the produce and freshly baked goods for the upcoming week.

Having visited the Winter Garden Farmer's Market for nearly a year now, I have tried something from nearly all vendors. Specifically for this blog post I went back and took notes on every vendor in attendance to write about for your convenience. Due to the extensive selection of vendors in attendance at the Farmer's Market every week, this post will be divided into multiple parts in order to include every vendor!

As you arrive at the Farmer's Market in Winter Garden Downtown's Pavilion, a conveniently located parking garage is right beside the market! If your hands become too full and you need to make a quick stop at your car, it's very close and free! The market is open from 9 am - 2 pm so whether you're an early bird or not you can get your shopping done. Also located across the parking garage is Sobo Art Gallery, which is open to the public as well as an upcoming Luxury Apartment complex! If you are looking to move to Winter Garden, this complex might be the perfect place for you once it's all built. 

Natural Produce

As the sunshine state, not only is Florida a wonderful place to get some natural Vitamin D, but Florida's climate is also perfect for growing virtually anything, making the natural local produce available at the Farmer's Market plentiful. With multiple vendors from across Central Florida, you can find just about any fruit and vegetable you could ever ask for! If you enjoy meat, there are also locally raised and caught meat and fish for you to purchase. All of this is natural, fresh, and local guaranteed!

There are five produce vendors spread throughout the market. Although most of them are smaller, the most popular of them is the large produce setup in the Winter Garden pavilion. Strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, zucchini, grapes, greens, carrots, avocados, and more can be found for prices cheaper than your local grocery store, with unmatched freshness.

  • TJE Seafood is a Floral City, Florida-based seafood provider. They catch the fish - salmon, tuna, crab, etc. to provide you with the best possible fresh fish. 
  • Frog Song Organics was created in the Fall of 2011. They grow over eighty different types of produce, herbs, fruits and flowers. They grow mainly in the field and in several greenhouses/hoophouses. They also provide goods such as jams, pickles, and kimchi. They have been certified organic since 2012.
  • Azalea Acres Farm, LLC is located in Osteen, FL and is a pasture-raised chicken farm. They don't use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides on their pastures or crops. They never use growth hormones, medicated feed, or frivolous medications on their animals. They manage our pastures very carefully with grazing rotations, crop rotations, additions of compost, and irrigation to achieve constant improvements in the quality of their pastures. 

Baked/Prepared Goods

Ranging from breads to pasta to chicken salad to spices to cupcakes, you can find all of the baked/prepared goods as well as spices and sauces to give your food an extra kick.

  • Edith's Best Gourmet Sauce - This high quality, health conscious, multi-purpose sauce eliminates the need to purchase an array of different condiments. It's gluten-free and has no fructose corn syrup added, and is available in multiple stores and on Amazon for you to purchase. 
  • Nunie's Chicken Salad - Available at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market as well as catered during the week, Nunie's makes chicken salad, sandwiches, and pasta using the owner's grandmother's delicious recipe.
  • The Craft Pane D'Or The Crust - Pane D'Or in Winter Garden uses pure and simple ingredients as well as handshaping techniques to make the perfect homemade bread and pastries. 
  • European Breads - Located in Mount Dora, FL, European Breads sets up their station at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market every Saturday morning to serve the locals the freshest artisan bread and yummy flaky pastries. 
  • Pappardelle's - First starting out as a pursuit of bringing flavorful, natural-tasting pasta to the States, Pappardelle's now helms 15 years on it's belt and is being sold around the country in specialty stores and through ambassadors in local farmer's markets - just like the Winter Garden Farmer's Market. 
  • Pea Pod Pierogie Company - Recently set up in Plant St. Market, Pea Pod Pierogie Company is a family-owned-and-operated business that specializes in the Polish dessert dumplings known as pierogi. They can be bought at Winter Garden Farmer's Market every Saturday and there is a large arrangement of flavors you can choose from. 
  • Mother N' Son's Cacao N' Spice - With the vision of not only selling their natural spices and spice mixes, Mother N' Son's also wants to help people discover the powerful benefits of nature's remedies.
  • Fresh Mozzarella - Think you know how fresh mozzarella tastes? Think again. Get fresh burrata, stracciatella, and regular-pulled mozzarella at the Farmer's Market and it'll forever change the way you think mozzarella should taste.
  • Casa Luciana - Love fresh guacamole? How about fresh salsa? Casa Luciana has both of those, with tortilla chips to boot. They make their guacamole right in front of your eyes - you can taste the freshness when you take a bite!
  • All Dried Up Snacks - Committed to bringing their customers the highest quality of all-natural snacks using local produce, you can find dried (and flavored) okra, beets, apple, mango, and more!
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds & Pecans - Packaged in a paper cone, with a beautiful aroma you can smell before you see it, these cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans will be the best you've ever had!
  • Captain Jo's Authentic Wood Smoked Fish Dip - Wild Caught, Gluten Free, GMO Free, No Added Preservatives, and Authentically Wood Smoked, people are constantly asking for more dip after they've bought it because they eat it in one sitting!
  • Cocoa Brothers - Old-style chocolate with modern recipes, this "chocolate from the past" is made without modern tools, by hand. Original, spicy, peppermint, cinnamon, coffee, sea salt, sugar free, they have it all!
  • Big B Kettle Corn - Love kettle corn? Want to support a small local business? Look no further than Big B Kettle Corn, who sets up their station at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market every Saturday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pickle - Family-owned and operated since 2007, they specialize in hand stuffed olives, dill pickles, and more!
  • Almendra's Bakery - A bake-to-order bakery located on E Colonial Drive, you can find them at the Farmer's Market where you can taste all of their flavor specialties!
  • Holy-Cow! Beef Jerky - Made by a woman with a passion, Holy-Cow! Artisan Beef Jerky has become a small business with many flavors including original, peppered, sweet & chewy, teriyaki, hibachi, wasaki, chiquila lime, and more!
  • Orlando City Pasta - Authentic Italian methods are used to make this family-run business, who's specialty is making homemade pasta from the heart and hand. They sell angel hair, cavatelli, fettucine, gnocchi, linguine, ravioli, and more at the Farmer's Market so that you and your family can experience the fresh taste of Italy.
  • Bailey Bleu - A fan of blue cheese? Great! Bailey Bleu has you covered and will be at the Farmer's Market every Saturday.
  • Worthy Cakes - Worthy Cakes, a bakery in Central Florida, serves their Jakes Cakes in a Jar at the Farmer's Market for you to conveniently eat while you browse the other vendors at the market or on-the-go! 
  • Bulsara's Marinara - If you love cooking Italian food at home but don't want to struggle making the perfect marinara sauce or something artificial from the store, Bulsara's Marinara has your back!
  • Blood Brothers - A family-run business, they specialize in a "One Stop Shop" Bloody Mary mix. They also sell all-purpose marinade, bbq sauce, and more!
  • Jay's Marketplace - The maker of the much-loved Italian olive salad made right out of Tampa Bay, people from all around Florida and visitors from other states can't get enough!
  • John's Kimchi - Kimchi is a low-calorie, high fiber, and nutrient-packed side dish. The owner of John's Kimchi wanted to serve a kimchi that was consistent and delicious, so he made a small business from his love of cooking that continues to grow.
  • Fruit 2 Nuts - Located in Clermont, FL but visiting multiple Farmer's Markets across Central Florida, Fruit 2 Nuts serves you the best variety of dehydrated fruit and vegetables, a great replacement for chips.
  • Tres Amigos Salsa - Starting at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market back in 2019, Tres Amigos can now also be found in ten stores across Central Florida! 
  • Simply Savory Dip Mixes - You can find any dip mix you could ever possibly need - savory, spicy, sweet, and even olive oil blends & rubs! If you order on their online store for $30 or more, shipping is free! They are also found at multiple farmer's markets across Central Florida.
  • Semilla Nativa - Organic, refined sugar free, non GMO, no artificial flavors, preservative free, vegan, and gluten free Artisan Pesto and Pancake/Muffin Mix. 
  • Allison's Apiaries Honey - A beekeeper for over 40 years, Paul Allison sells the honey from his own 100 hives that he personally manages at the market, as well as educates kids on bees through educational programs. 
  • The Pretzel Spot - Gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels sold by the half dozen or dozen in the form of twisted or rod pretzels. Some of their many flavors include toffee heath, shredded coconut, crushed pecan, mini chocolate chip, gummy bears, and even bacon and spicy!
  • Gigi's Cajun Chicken Pot Pies - Sells original chicken pot pies, Cajun chicken pot pies, seafood pot pies, vegetarian pot pies, and steak pot pies in 9″ and 13″ sizes that come fresh or frozen.
  • Vegan Organic Cupcakes & Breakfast Bowl - Vegan? Love cupcakes and nutritious breakfasts? This vendor is just for you! 
  • The Bella Gourmet Cheese - Feta, mozzarella, sharp cheddar, they have all of the fresh cheese you could ask for! If you want to taste any of their cheese, they're always happy to oblige. 
  • Bonjour Salad Dressing - This unique salad dressing recipe has been in the owner's family since the 1950's. All of their dressings are egg, dairy, and gluten free! You can get their dressing at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market, or order online with free shipping when you order two or more bottles.
Winter Garden has this wonderful farmer's market as well as many historical amenities such as museums, an art center, and the garden center. Downtown Winter Garden is filled with history as well as cute shops, a bike rental store so you can rent a bike and ride around the trails or just downtown, and coffee shops. Real estate in Winter Garden includes town-homes, new construction communities and single family residential homes. Close to the big city of Orlando and a popular place itself, Winter Garden has been able to keep it's small town feel with these wonderful places that gives the town a unique homey feel.

With dozens of subdivisions and communities to choose from and more being developed every day, your choices are seemingly unlimited. For raising a family in a safe environment, you can't get any better than Winter Garden! A location with lots of wildlife, history, and just a taste of city life is my idea of a perfect place to raise a family.

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